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Peter & Heather Beattie Live Abroad

Turn your mind back to 2006, just four years ago.. ”A TEARY eyed Merri Rose was hugged by her family before being led away to begin three months in jail for attempting to blackmail Premier Peter Beattie. Ms Rose yesterday … Continue reading

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Moo Ink: PETER BEATTIE: The Atherton Years

~~both Making A Difference, and his earlier autobiography In The Arena (1990), Beattie provides only the briefest thumbnail sketches of his early childhood and school years. He presents that time in his life as enjoyable and character-building, despite financial hardship.The … Continue reading

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After the Horse Has Bolted the Mop Up Team

Qld Police & armed robberies.. slow response… you get statistics.. mumble mumble takes a death among their members to get some re action from this social services department…

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