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Morgellens disease and chemtrails – 12160

  Morgellens disease and chemtrails – 12160 I cannot find where I have Posted..

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After the Horse Has Bolted the Mop Up Team

Qld Police & armed robberies.. slow response… you get statistics.. mumble mumble takes a death among their members to get some re action from this social services department…

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The Climate Institute, an independent research Org.

Lofty Institute? Much different when the writer was telling locals not to build on the Beach Front, the Sand Dunes even though Council/s approved.. Fine Speeches… AUSTRALIA MINING IS FALLING OVER ITSELF TO SELL COAL & IRON ORE TO CHINA.. … Continue reading

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Part 42 Part 43 ~ Jesus Saves The New World Order, the Devil in the Vatigan

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Impeach Obama the Fraud

This is a repost of a fellow wordpress writer.THE ILLEGAL WAR IN LIBYA AND THE DEATH OF THE WAR POWERS ACT Glenn Greenwald. “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in … Continue reading

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Trash Bucket Revelations Part 2

Not that I had any suspicions at that age.. nor did I make up stories. I was tired, mother was pregnant & all we wanted was home and bed. Not sure if the milking was done, but dad was late … Continue reading

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