Park Art August 2014


Afternoon of Friday 8/08/2014 @ 3.30 pa my Art club college & I were ready & waiting at Blackwater All Amenities Park, Blain Street.

We had answered a request for help to Assist the Council officer in indigenous art. This is funded with funds from Queensland Arts council for visual arts aimed to assist children in furthering & cultivating their culture via visual art.

When the officer showed up with ‘ food’ for a BBQ I was taken aback. My companion
did not share my concern.

Taking the situation in our stride and we set about helping in food preparation.
4 mothers arrived and did the cooking. At 5 pm I asked my companion to bring me home.
The food was ready to eat so Al told the Council’s social worker who had busied herself in hosing down another area of the park.

The football bounced off the toilet block as there We’re more children arriving
through the afternoon wanting a feed. No interest was shown in painting, drawing or pastels as no supplies of paper or pens and the Arts officer had driven off yet again.

I have given some thought since to how to approach the Art in the park in a months time.

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