Children still Work in Mines

Child labour in Kyrgyz coal mines
By Natalia Antelava

BBC Central Asia correspondent


Kylych says the $3 a day he earns is vital for his family

Kylych says the $3 a day he earns is vital for his family
Sharp pieces of coal fly across a narrow, dark, airless space as a man bangs the wall of the cave with his hammer.

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  1. pamea says:

    The collapse of the economy and of the state system of support for the needy could not have come at a worse time for the children of Kyrgyzstan. There is a population boom in the younger age group with over 40% of the population in Kyrgyzstan under the age of 18. They are entering a job market that does not exist and many have left remote villages for the hope of work in the regional centers. This has created a problem of street children in bazaars and a problem of street crime in the larger cities. Drug use is on the rise and there is a slow creep of infectious diseases such as TB and AIDS into the younger population. And while AIDS is not yet a problem it looms on the horizon. ” what I am reading elsewhere at:
    like here in Australia they are taking what work they can get. Mining was similar here before the Americans came & built huge open cut mines & boys were kept at school mainly because their parents wanted a better life for them than having to work in coal mines. The health of these men are telling a tale of heart & lung disease. Too long health professionals have blamed the drinking & cigarettes BUT the ones coming down with
    did not breath in their workmates exhaled smoke, never drank a drop & lived a healthy life with only contact with poisonous air was at work. Kyrguz may save their children by working in the mines, but what future life brings who knows?

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