Millions of bees dead – Bayer’s Gaucho blamed – Health Supreme


Millions of bees dead – Bayer’s Gaucho blamed

Synthetic honey and GMO bees – Part II

A French governmental report confirms suspicions of a mass poisoning of bees involving hundreds of thousands of colonies of honey bees. According to the report of the French Scientific and Technical Committee, Bayer’s seed treatment GAUCHO pesticide is to blame – at least in part.

Earlier this year, I published an article by French journalist Michel Dogna, who had investigated the ecological catastrophe and pointed a finger at Bayer’s toxic product. His article – Synthetic honey and GMO bees? – can be found here.

Coalition against Bayer-Dangers, as well as French and German beekepers’ unions are calling for an immediate ban of the pesticide.

France: Governmental report claims BAYER-pesticide GAUCHO responsible for bee-deaths

Coalition against Bayer-Dangers is calling for a ban

November 25th, 2003

The report on bee-deaths, published by the French Comité Scientifique et Technique (CST), shows that the use of the pesticide GAUCHO is jointly responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of bee colonies. Environmental activists and beekeeper unions are calling for a ban on the agricultural toxin.

The summary of the report states: “The results of the examination on the risks of the seeds-treatment GAUCHO are alarming. The treatment of seeds by GAUCHO is a significant risk to bees in several stages of life.” The 108-page report was made by order of the agricultural ministry of France by the universities of Caen and Metz as well as by the Pasteur Institute.

The use of GAUCHO on sunflowers was prohibited in France four years ago because of the high risk to bees. However after this step, the bee-deaths did not decrease noticeably – beekeepers are blaming this on the extensive use of agricultural toxins in maize cultivation. The concluding-report of the CST agrees, stating: “Concerning the treatment of maize-seeds by GAUCHO, the results are as alarming as with sunflowers. The consumption of contaminated pollen can lead to an increased mortality of care-taking-bees, which can explain the persisting bee-deaths even after the ban of the treatment on sunflowers”.

The pesticide GAUCHO (containing the active substance Imidacloprid) is produced by the German BAYER-group. With an annual turnover of more than 500 million Euro this is the group´s top selling agricultural agent. Critics assume that the high sales figures are the reason why the company is contesting a ban on its use.

Millions of bees dead – Bayer’s Gaucho blamed – Health Supreme

The original topic was just as shocking:

Drugs Company AIDS Scandal

Drugs company Bayer realised their product had been contaminated with AIDS, so what did they do, they still sold


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1 Response to Millions of bees dead – Bayer’s Gaucho blamed – Health Supreme

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh that’s so evil what Bayer are doing. So typical of companies to do that. I don’t trust any ‘Pharmacutical’ Companies. I try and eat healthy rather than using their products. I used to be addicted to Aspirins and took 2 daily. Now I rarely if every use them. I don’t use any other medication anymore…like Panadiene Forte. That just about killed me and then I stopped.

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