Samuel Wright I a passenger on the Phoenix 2


The Buffs Arrive in Australia

see previous entry .. Lt. Col. C. Cameron mentioned *

Samuel Wright first set foot in Australia at Hobart on 30 April 1822. en route to Sydney. Samuel as senior subaltern of the Regiment had with him 50 men as guards in charge of 180 convicts on board the Richmond. They had left the Downs on the 6 December 1821 a short time after the first elements of the 3rd Regiment (the Buffs) under Lt. Col. C. Cameron sailed aboard the Phoenix.
This party with Cameron in command and Ensigns F.I. Everard and J. Piggott had left Woolwich in November 1821 and had travelled via the Port of London, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Horn. Cameron and Piggott aboard the Phoenix reached Hobart on 20th May to find that Wright and his men had already arrived sailed for Sydney on 11 May. Wright was able to greet his commanding officer when the Phoenix arrived in Sydney in June. The account in the Historical Record of the Buffs 1814-1914 by Chaplin is slightly different from Sargent’s account in The Buffs in Australia.

Samuel Wright I

The Phoenix arrived 20th may 1822..

I doubt this is the same Phoenix Whaler…

In early March 1815 Captain William Parker arrived at the Bay of Islands on his ship Phoenix from the fishery where they had been for the best part of eight months. Parker was no stranger to the Bay. He was captain of
Diana in 1810 when the whalers launched their attack on Te Pahi’s pa in retaliation for those who died on Boyd. Parker and Phoenix made another brief visit to the Bay of Islands in June 1815 before heading on to Sydney. Later that year the crew of Phoenix attempted to pull down the missionary Thomas Kendall’s house in New Zealand. On seeing this, a large number of Maori, descended on the would-be vandals and they sailors were lucky to escape with their lives. Phoenix was sailing in company with Cretan, and the two ships left the Bay of Islands together on November 30. Phoenix made two brief stops at the Bay of Islands in 1823 and 1824 under Captain Palmer. On both occasions she had come from the fishery and was carrying 1300 barrels of whale oil.


Phoenix 1828

Master Thomas Cuzens

The Phoenix departed Spithead on 7 March 1828 with 190 male English convicts, and arrived in Port Jackson on 14th July 1828. There were no deaths on the voyage and most of the illness was trivial. Nineteen year old George Williams spent an uncomfortable few days with a most excruciating headache which he attributed to having exposed himself to the sun for some time without his cap. He was put on the sick list on 25 April 1828 at sea and was well again after five days.

William Bell Carlisle was employed as Surgeon Superintendent. He kept a Medical and Surgical Journal from 29 January to 30 July 1828. He considered that every individual of the convicts and Guard were landed at Sydney in a state fit for duty. Towards the latter end of the voyage a few additional ounces of lemon juice were given daily to 15 of the convicts who were discovered to have a scorbutic sponginess of the gums which yielded readily to the Lime Juice in eight or ten days. One natural labour a few nights before arrival in Sydney was the only additional incident Dr. Carlisle thought worth mentioning

The Guard consisted of Captain Barker, Lieutenant Moore and 30 men of the 39th regiment, together with four women and six children.

A Muster was held on board the Phoenix on 18th July 1828 by the Hon. Alexander McLeay, Colonial Secretary and the Prisoners were landed on Monday 28th July. The Australian reported that with few exceptions they were an uncommonly healthy and robust body of men. Nearly the entire shipload had been assigned to the service of private individuals, many in Sydney.

A prisoner of the Crown who effected his escape from Sydney in the ship England in 1826 was returned by the Phoenix. He had visited China and India and almost circumnavigated the globe before being re-transported for life on the Phoenix. Undaunted, an hour or two after landing and being placed in barracks he contrived to make a slip from his lodgings and to pay a visit to some of his old haunts in Sydney.



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