Colonial Convict Australia & Some Family History

An easy to read brief history in chronological order since  British Settlement

Colonial Convict Settlement in Sydney




Phoenix 1814
Papers re convicts from Ceylon. James Campbell master. Prisoners arrived Port Jackson per Union 14 April 1815

Phoenix I (1) 1822
Also notes trade and physical description

Phoenix II 1824
Convicts to VDL. Struck on the Sow and Pigs August 1834 and later became a hulk

Phoenix III 1826

Receipt for prisoners and stores received on board

Another Website reveals same..

Phoenix I (1)
Van Diemens Land

Phoenix I (2)
Port Jackson

Phoenix II
Van Diemens Land

Phoenix III
Port Jackson

My dear mother

Front Cover

Muriel E. Clampet

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Muriel E. Clapett, 1994 – 259 pages

This biographical collection of notes and letters brings together the stories of the many members of the Weatherhead family in one volume. It commences with a brief account of the early voyage of the ‘Phoenix’, a convict ship from Portsmouth to Van Diemen’s Land in 1822. It was captained by Thomas Weatherhead and highlights the beginning of a series of generations of the family, culminating in the letters from G F Weatherhead in 1983 in which he recounts his time in the trenches in France, 1914-15. A small part of history has been researched and presented for those with family connections and researchers.

“Scattered Light” by Muriel E. Clampett of Australia follows the story of Joseph Clampett (1824-1896), a Franciscan Monk, who emigrated from Ireland to Australia and married his cousin!!

Unfortunately Muriel has now passed away, but you may be able to get a copy from your local bookstore by quoting the following

Published by Muriel E Clampett
Victoria, Australia 3174


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