‪Police Begin "Guns Drawn" Raids on Organic Food Stores in California‬‏ – YouTube


Do not let this happen in Australia

The Pessimist view

Gary wrote: “David, the problem with boycotts is that they always wind up hurting the boycotters and seldom do any damage to the entities they’re protesting against. Take the “no banking day” idea, for example. The international banks that own and control the world’s central banks don’t have individuals as their clientele. Their business is done with the national governments of the world, so, taking your money out of your local bank isn’t going to have any effect upon the NWO at all. The “no cars on the road day” idea won’t make a dent in anything, because there are millions of cars on the road, we are a minority among the drivers of those cars. No one else will even notice, and, even if the powers that be did notice, what of it? It doesn’t hurt them or their plans at all. If anyone is hurt, perhaps it’s the local gas stations, but only if you would have been buying fuel that day, anyway. If not, what difference does it make, as you wouldn’t have been doing so, anyway? No planes in the sky day? Seriously? Even if we all stopped flying, there would still be thousands of planes making their regular flights and, again, we are a minority and would scarcely be missed at all. The only real withdrawal from the system that can affect them consists of such things as not paying taxes, not voting, and generally abstaining form anything that gives GOVERNMENT the power to influence our lives, because it mostly through government that we are being held captive. The petty little purchases we make daily satisfy our own needs and keep local merchants and their employees going. Even if a huge multinational chain loses one of its stores, it still continues to exist, so your not buying anything from them for a day has no effect at all, except to deprive yourself of what you needed.”

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