The 5 worst retirement planning mistakes–YOUR Life Choices

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Even before I turned 60 – while chasing work on the lower scale of wages, actually they gave us less.. below the Award Wage… and by the time I protested,  a few months, it was time to Roll Over & leave.. let them Con another would be employee who needed the experience.   Women could no longer retire at 60 & receive the Aged pension.  Many wives had their children off their hands,  not living at home as they work took them away from home.  At 2003 the Mining was yet to BOOM  here in the Bowen Basin,  yet there were those who knew it would.. had bet their investments on it.. That is why I do not advise you to follow this 5 alternative plan without using your own discresion  check each step out & see if it applies to you..

For instance in :

The five worst retirement planning mistakes – YOURLifeChoices

3. Leave your money in the bank
Sure, the bank is a terrific place for your everyday spending money but it’s no good for your investment money. If you really want to stick with the bank, don’t leave money in it, buy shares in it. Shares (and property for that matter) present more risk than cash and in the early days may actually generate little or even negative returns. On the other hand, shares and property generate capital growth over the longer term and returns may be taxed favourably.

Some of my friends bought ‘Shares’  hired financiers to do the work for them and lost heaps of money in the downturn,  as early as the American ‘Wall Street Crash,’  and had to have their ‘dole’  or invalid pension re assessed.. as they were not yet ready or old enough for the official age pension – this 5 piece suggestion and  Your Life Choices is basically aimed at as a be all end all top official government approved advise mechanism..

The official Centerlink magazine comes out quarterly & I have mine posted to me – ‘News for Seniors’  & no widely read as it is for Seniors Only.. The back page is one great ad for those who have the spare cash,  

Best holiday away I can manage at the moment is my trip to the doctor for this operation..  I copied this section of friend & I – conversation last evening… she wanted to know how long I would be in Brisbane, Qld Au..

I had left eye retna repair 3 months ago.. first one had gas but it dispersed too quick then replacement operation had slicone oil … this has to be removed as my natural fluid has filled my eye again.. one looses it when retna tear
[ME]:  other video on right.. this explains silicone oil.. gives diagrams                                           
[21/07/2011 4:20:05 PM]

Finish with a couple of snippets of Latest Juicy gossip from over there..

article-4th wife of Murdocharticle-the boy friend..father at 17

How do the British keep Face.. with a Manipular like MurdocH?? Oh, they taught him & son James. /The End?

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