Malaysia bans Australian horses


Cannot find my horse pictures.. maybe the piece on  something similar to Hendra  that is found in Malaysia…Nipah is one such virus..

Malaysia has banned the import of horses from Australia for its racing industry following the latest outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus.

Veterinary department deputy director-general Ibrahim Che’ Embong told The Star newspaper the ban was a precautionary move and would be rescinded once Australian authorities gave the clearance.

A department official confirmed his comments Wednesday.

Twelve horses infected with Hendra have died or been put down since June 20, eight in Queensland and four in NSW.

More than 30 people are believed to have been exposed to Hendra-infected horses in Queensland and NSW. All are now undergoing tests.

Dozens of horses on affected properties are also being tested.

Bats are believed to transmit the virus through bodily secretions to horses, which can in turn pass on the infection to humans.

Of the seven people who have contracted Hendra since it was discovered in Queensland in 1994, four have died


THE Malaysian government says court action preventing the transfer of the first asylum seekers from Australia is merely a “hiccup”, rejecting accusations that they will not have adequate protection.

In his first comments since a High Court injunction in Australia prevented the transfer of the first group from Christmas Island, Malaysian Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has said he wants to see the swap deal up and running again soon.

The injunction will remain in place at least until the court’s full bench issues a ruling on the policy’s lawfulness.

But Mr Hishammuddin has hit back at the refugee advocates challenging the agreement in court, saying all parties concerned would be provided with adequate protection.




Would Kevin Rudd have done the same?Malaysia bans Australian horses






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