Pilger: Murdoch keeps Australia’s dirty secret | Green Left Weekly

vilification case brought by nine prominent Aboriginal people, including Larissa Behrendt, a professor of law and Indigenous studies in Sydney.

Behrendt has been an authoritative and outspoken opponent of Howard’s 2007 “emergency intervention” in the Northern Territory, which the Labor government of Julia Gillard has reinforced.

The rationale to “intervene” was that child abuse among Aborigines was in “unthinkable numbers”. This was a fraud.

Out of 7433 Aboriginal children examined by doctors, four possible cases were identified — about the rate of child abuse in white Australia.

What this covered was an old-fashioned colonial grab of mineral-rich land in the Northern Territory where Aboriginal land rights were granted in 1976.

The Murdoch press has been the most lurid and vociferous in its promotion of the “intervention”, which a United Nations special rapporteur has condemned for its racial discrimination.

Once again, Australian politicians are dispossessing the first inhabitants. They are demanding leasehold of land in return for health and education rights that whites take for granted and driving them into “economically viable hubs” where they will be effectively detained — a form of apartheid.

The outrage and despair of most Aboriginal people is not heard. For using her institutional voice and exposing the government’s black supporters, Larissa Behrendt has been subjected to a vicious campaign of innuendo in the Murdoch press, including the implication that she is not a “real” Aborigine.

Using the language of its soulmate The Sun, The Australianderides the “abstract debate” of “land rights, apologies, treaties” as a “moralizing mumbo-jumbo spreading like a virus”.

The aim is to silence those who dare tell Australia’s dirty secret.

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What about the alcohol,

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 27/05/2011 – 5:58pm.

What about the alcohol, petrol sniffing and drug problems Mr Pilger?

Talk about shoot the messenger.


Rupert Murdoch is worse than

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 27/05/2011 – 10:30am.

Rupert Murdoch is worse than Adolph Hitler. He is a fascist dictator. His media-control kills, maims, distorts, manipulates the weak…..the Aboriginal people whom he MADE weak. They are the “Stolen Generation” identified as Genocide. Overthrow this ego-maniac poster child. Australians wake up and fight for your country’s humanity and world view. Get rid of Murdock! He is out to take over the world. First Australia, now America, (note the 2010 money-bought horrific election) and where ever he strikes next. Dangerous men SHOULD be on the most wanted list.

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Pilger: Murdoch keeps Australia’s dirty secret | Green Left Weekly

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