Catherine Tanna at Gladstone | The Australian

executive_6Well,  Well you can prostitute yourself to the mighty of the world, then come back to Rape & Pillage Queensland.. My search is for your Education & other qualifications…searching~~

Catherine Tanna is back to make her mark at Gladstone | The Australian


Catherine Tanna is back to make her mark at Gladstone Matt Chambers From: The Australian November 06, 2010 12:00AM Increase Text SizeDecrease Text SizePrintEmail Share
Add to DiggAdd to del.icio.usAdd to FacebookAdd to KwoffAdd to MyspaceAdd to NewsvineWhat are these?BG Group’s Catherine Tanna plans to build the east coast’s most expensive resources project on her home town’s Curtis Island. And the $15 billion-plus Queensland Curtis LNG plant will not be the first time her family has had a major impact on the industrial port.

Her late father, Reg, was chief executive of the Gladstone Ports Authority, with his role in expanding and developing the harbour commemorated by the town’s RG Tanna coal export terminal.

Brisbane-based Tanna, who has built up decades of oil and gas experience working for BHP Petroleum and Shell around the globe, says it is a rare thing in an industry that pursues riches in the most remote and hostile areas of the globe to come back home for a top job.

“I’m a Queenslander who has been able to come home, which is a privilege,” Tanna says.
“It’s not that easy to take what has been a very fortunate apprenticeship, if you like, around the world, and then be able to come home to a job that matches that apprenticeship quite well.”

Tanna prefers not to talk about what she calls her apprenticeship, or her path from Gladstone into the industry, focusing instead on the huge job she has at hand bringing the world’s first large-scale coal-seam gas methane export project into production in 2014.

While the number of huge LNG projects planned for Australia is well into the teens, QCLNG is only the fifth LNG project that has been sanctioned here in the past 30 years.

Only two, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf and Conoco Phillips’ Darwin LNG are operating.

Increasing the difficulties of the task at hand, the Queensland projects will for the first time process gas from Queensland’s vast coal-seam gas resources  by freezing them in huge plants on Gladstone’s Curtis Island to export as liquefied natural gas.

The main difference from so-called conventional LNG operations sourced from just a few gas wells is that CSG requires thousands of wells to ramp up together to get to enough gas to feed an LNG plant. “I do know some emphasis has been put on the fact it’s a first, but it is quite achievable,” Tanna says.’’

I look for the father of this powerful but arrogant ‘woman’  & when searching for Reg Tanna her Pater,  I find news is much more freely flowing.. Yes, here they tell us

GLADSTONE'S business superwoman Catherine Tanna returned home to address more than 200 delegates at the Region of Choice summit on Thursday and Friday.

Gladstone Region of Choice summit keynote speaker Catherine Tanna, executive vice president BG Group Australia and managing director of QGC.

‘’GLADSTONE’S business superwoman Catherine Tanna returned home to address more than 200 delegates at the Region of Choice summit on Thursday and Friday.

Ms Tanna was head-hunted from Royal Dutch Shell in Holland to become the managing director and the executive vice-president of BG Group Australia. The daughter of legendary Gladstone Port Authority figure Reg Tanna, Ms Tanna is expected to be the highest-paid female executive in the state. Ms Tanna gave an oversight about strategic and operational interests on the development of QGC’s coal seam gas resources and market opportunities including the new Curtis LNG export facility near Gladstone.

Ms Tanna said the biggest focus for the BG Group Australia is the Curtis LNG project in Gladstone.’’~~Kieran Moran | 20th March 2010

The sudden death of the said Reg Tanna has brought the daughter back home, & here I was looking for  her Education. The snotty nose kid of Gladstone Coal Heaps, or was she off to Brisbane Boarding School… Daddy’s Girl home to continue what he started,  =  Rape of Queensland. See picture of Huge Coal Terminal .. this man was head of the Port Authority… No wonder the attitude towards me & others who warn of Dangerous Methods of Gas Extraction, and dare call it  Rape of our Precious Resources ~MORE SEARCHING

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The Executive Vice President of BG Group in Australia, Catherine Tanna, has welcomed her appointment to the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Ms Tanna, who is also the Managing Director of QGC Pty Limited, the wholly owned Australian subsidiary of BG Group, said the appointment was an honour and she looked forward to the challenge.

I hope to bring to the role my experience in regional Queensland, my work in the international oil and gas industry, and my understanding of the importance of energy to Australia’s economy and its place in the world,” she said.

Ms Tanna was educated in Gladstone and worked for BHP Petroleum and Shell before joining BG Group in 2009. She has worked in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa  Tanna-Coal-Terminal-Expansion-Project

More to  come on this Arrogant Woman..

She has worked in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa


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