Sun dawns brightly on reginal Queensland’s $1.2b power plant plan | Courier Mail


Sun dawns

REGIONAL Queensland will be home to one of the biggest solar-gas power plants in the world under a $1.2 billion investment that will create hundreds of jobs.

The Solar Dawn project will use new Australian-pioneered technology and transform Chinchilla and the western downs into the nation’s mixed-energy capital.

Building a case to support renewable energy and her carbon pollution tax, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the abundant Queensland sun could help power the region and keep the environment clean.

“We will protect Australian jobs at the same time as we create new ones,” she said.

For Ms Gillard it proves her carbon tax will create green jobs and drive innovation.

The construction of the station – about 300km west of Brisbane – is a joint project between the Federal and State governments and an energy consortium led by AREVA Solar. Ms Gillard announced $464 million for the project while Premier Anna Bligh chipped in $75 million.

Construction will start in 2013 – a year after the carbon tax starts – and is to be completed two years later.

brightly on reginal Queensland’s $1.2b power plant plan | Courier Mail

Still no word how much fracking will be involved in producing this gas & the environmental harm done that will stay permanent. This writer does not see where the sun comes into the extraction of gas from unstable underground stratas.
EXANPLE Directional drilling and hydraulic-fracturing technologies are dramatically increasing natural-gas extraction. In aquifers overlying the Marcellus and Utica shale formations of northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York, we document systematic evidence for methane contamination of drinking water associated with shalegas extraction.’

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  1. pamea says:

    I put that stray web ref. in htttp://
    what I refer to as ‘hacking’ as it has come up from time to time
    originates at Phillipines.. where my ‘telstra,’ bigpond provider
    is from, not Australia Company.. not any longer. Why one has
    to pay so much for internet & phone yet be interrupted with
    their political tit bit interruption.. NWO number interference.
    Our cattle industry is wrecked via the vandals

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