Increase in Bio Fuel Production & decline in Rain Forests

Pete’s latest entry had me wondering if Palm Oil was a pest rather than an asset as he believes Sugar Cane has become.

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2 Responses to Increase in Bio Fuel Production & decline in Rain Forests

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    CROPS FOR FOOD BEFORE BIO FUEL!! for info Raw sugar hasnt had all the nutrients extracted from it, ie malt molasses, treakle that white sugar has ,Did you hear alan Jones am on 16/6/2011(2gb alan jones audio/podcasts) adgenda 21 (peter spencers warning ) comming to frutition vide the Corporate raping of australias food basket, at the expense of the next generation,… sigh…. greedy mthr fkrs…..

  2. pamea says:

    Thanks Pete for your encouragement in this blog writing.. I had another trip to Emerald, Qld. with my friend. She spent $50.00 on a haircut.. and not happy with it.
    My last cut was a shave thanks to DIL Deb. Grown a bit now. I’d get the mirror & scissors to mine b4 I would give these Slurries any money! A cap on head, or head scarf ~ too bad if they mistake me for a Moosie.. lol. Home & Away viewing..7pm.. lol

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