After the Horse Has Bolted the Mop Up Team

Qld Police & armed robberies..
slow response…
you get statistics.. mumble mumble
takes a death among their members to get some
re action from this social services department…

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4 Responses to After the Horse Has Bolted the Mop Up Team

  1. pamea says:

    Proir to the media conference… an announcement re turning off life-support of the young policeman shot in the face while attending to a call relating to a hostage situation 3 assailants & guns.. Why was there no SWAT SQUAD sent in…

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    Well the socuial division of the elitists if rearing its ugly head, so what they announce the setting up of a fund ( 2 weeks prior to application being approved/lodged) and one arm of the public service has to lord it over another via words. The plan in this country is to let you know You have to fight for your right (just to be free), like an ex ploice association member being arrested for remaining upon Enclosed lands which were at the time opened to and used by the public and a magistrate finds that one is guilty ??? madness unconstitutioinal bipolar elitist rule, ( we have the power so sit down shut up and do as your told) common sense ,.. whats that!!

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    remember Constable Crews Shot in the head by a team member on a job,… and the govt gave them how much of our tax $$ , and now they get a wage rise,.. inflation here it comes, Illegal boat people get more of out tax $$ than local community centres… hmmmmm

  4. Pamea says:

    I did not know of Constable Crew’s accidental shooting. Different State & I do not always check the news.. found the report here:
    It appears they are deliberatly sending the sacrifical lambs into dangerous situations to use their lives as part of plan to increase their own positions. I stopped short of commenting on QPD facebook postings & ask the Commissioner to Resign along with his good mate, ‘the blight!’ Leave that for the angry rank & file…

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