Heinz to dump Local Growers, & Sunrice are What?

”In June of 2005, Ebro expanded to a new facility and celebrated the grand opening of its 112,000 square foot USDA manufacturing plant in Chicago. Soon thereafter, Ebro introduced the “Mexival” line of authentic Mexican Style Salsas Packed in Glass, for the retail trade.”

‘Don’t do it’: Heffernan

27 May, 2011 04:00 AM
RICEGROWERS will “stew in their own juices” says Liberal Senator, Bill Heffernan, if they let Ebro Foods buy their marketing and processing business, SunRice, and take the industry’s entire marketing authority overseas.

The no-nonsense rural NSW Senator admits he has “a very strong point of view” on the SunRice bid – the deal doesn’t look good enough for the farmers who own SunRice and rely on its market strength.

He accepted that “short term gains” offered by Ebro was attractive, but selling for short term gain was not in the industry’s long term interests.

“Ebro’s promising a crop pricing deal based on the Californian rice, but Californian rice is a lower grade than ours and its price does nothing to address a drought situation here, or lack of plentiful irrigation water supplies,” Senator Heffernan said.

Shock, anger and anxiety are the main feelings among workers at Brisbane’s Golden Circle plant.

The workers learned on Friday that 160 employees working in beetroot production will lose their jobs from November this year.

Golden Circle’s parent company Heinz has decided to end beetroot production at the Northgate plant and send it offshore to New Zealand.

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