Part 42

Part 43 ~ Jesus Saves

The New World Order, the Devil in the Vatigan

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  1. pamea says:

    ” The palace that the Pope lives in contains over 1000 rooms, including museums, banks, art gallery’s, chapels, library’s, and government offices availing the Pope to have ambassadors to every nation on earth, as well as every religious council in the world. ”

    ”John, the Revelator identified Rome as being that great city which ruled over the kings of the earth way back in his day in about 95AD. Unquestionably, Rome ruled with absolute authority during the early period of church history. John’s specific sleight of hand reference to Rome was intended to point out to future readers of the Bible that an institution would arise in that very city which would be easily identifiable as a whorish mimicker of the true Bride of Christ, and would become the imposter of true Christendom in later centuries.”
    I am not coming into the argument re which ‘Earthly City’ has God’s approval,
    as scriptures speak of ” New Jerusalem” a Spiritual Jerusalem! ~ Pamea
    Search for ” Earth rejuvination” brings up an interesting Blog..s

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