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The Big Easter Cleanup

Well I never.. Never thought they would cut so much out.. Lots more taken but I will just show another view.. The three lads — all over 40 years now.. still cutting & chopping you would think they wee decendants … Continue reading

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Prison Riots blamed on UK Contractor

New world order right here when Australian Government brings in foreign.. yes UK = EU = foreign.. To run detention centers.. American Companies have been running our State Joals for a number of years, even a few decades, if I … Continue reading

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Cancer Industry Folly

”The recognition of disease-producing bacteria allowed medical science to emerge from the dark ages into the era of modern medicine. In the late nineteenth century when diseases like tuberculosis (TB) , syphilis, and leprosy were proven to be caused by … Continue reading

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My Month Absent March 2011

I left for the city of Rockhampton via ‘Paradise Coaches’ on the late Sunday Bus Sunday evening. My son met me at Mobile service station in George St, where the coach terminates. I forgot my walking stick.. Tuesday 15th … Continue reading

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