No Grazing says The Hon Tony Burke MP

The EPA website Quote/
“After a rigorous assessment, which sought the advice of experts and included public consultation, I have concluded that the APLNG project can go ahead without unacceptable impacts on matters protected under national environment law,” Mr Burke said.’

Meanwhile the Victorian Government has approved grazing in the High Country, which otherwise will be burnt out by uncontrolled bush fires.. Doing is usual Labor Party thing, watch video and see for yourself.

SantosLtd | Nov 17, 2010 | – u tube
The GLNG project is a leading coal seam gas to liquefied natural gas project in Queensland, Australia, being developed jointly by Australian energy company Santos, Malaysia’s Petronas and France’s Total. – see below:

First they say the gas would keep Australia in Clean Gas for a few lifetimes.. But further on he says it is to go to
The Gladstone Plant… 5000 jobs, mostly immigrants brought in to work there..

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