Trash Bucket Revelations Part 2

Not that I had any suspicions at that age.. nor did I make up stories. I was tired, mother was pregnant & all we wanted was home and bed. Not sure if the milking was done, but dad was late meeting us, and Mr Lee our neighbour was offering us a lift. I was in trouble for playing on mail bags in guards van when this helpful, once friend of mothers kindly took me to loo, only one in guards van…Not long after, but quiet seperate in my memory, was the presence of this lad when Mother went to hospital to give birth. Dad went too, & his sister & brother were left in charge of us and milking.

Mischef boy he was coaxed me to go on busted area of the verandah, the old house lacked repairs because all effort went into production of foodstuffs, homes were not considered important.. Well, not to be outdone I followed him, crash went through the floor, yell, scream – of course & quiet badly bruised. Bruised enough to have a man and woman come next day to take me — where? I never knew as Sis called out, ”if you go with them – you will never see Mother again!” So I spun around and stayed in our squalor – washing piling up, but yes, I had added to it by peeing the bed & blaming my sister. It was home, our home & bonding with those who lived with me.

That was the Start of my Troubles. Why I came to the attention of Authorities, & probably why I was one
that was fished out as a — just what did Nicole Kidman call her?? Surrogate… breeding cow...
My original title was ATTEMPTED ABDUCTION.. ok..
to be continued, maybe..


This is not out of place or context, I wish to get my point across. Mining for gas to supply the world with fuel
is fraught with dangers..

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Interests in World Affairs Hobbies: Crochet, Gardening, Doing Crosswords entering competitions in That's Life, Take 5 etc. Blogging in wordpress.
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