Gas Extraction by Fracking

”THE company about to start coal seam gas drilling around southern Sydney and the Illawarra plans to use the controversial ”fracking” technique to mine directly beside Warragamba Dam, which holds much of the city’s drinking water.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves pumping a mixture of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to shatter rock strata and force coal seam gas to the surface, where it can be refined into natural gas for fuel.

The fracking process has raised serious environmental concerns centred on the impact of potentially toxic, rock-dissolving chemicals on underground water tables, and the disposal of big volumes of saline water pumped back to the surface.”

See more at:

The gas industry says the process is long established in Australia and completely safe.

Leaked confidential company documents written for a Sydney gas drilling company, Apex Energy NL, detail plans to extract coal seam gas from old coalmines along the edge of Lake Burragorang, the reservoir at Warragamba Dam.
They have had months to develop this site, so it may be to late to halt the process. NSW like Qld & WA have been taken over by foreign miners, Companies hell bent on the rape of Australia Resorces, no care what harm they do to the populace.

Advertisement: Story continues below The fracking process has raised serious environmental concerns centred on the impact of potentially toxic, rock-dissolving chemicals on underground water tables, and the disposal of big volumes of saline water pumped back to the surface.

Coal Seam Gas – Mineral Fact Sheets – Australian Mines AtlasThe maximum generation of methane in bituminous coals occurs at around 150°C ……/coal_seam_gas.jsp – Seam Gas and Sydney not Hunter ValleyGREENS campaigners are calling for the plan to mine coal seam gas around Warragamba Dam to be abandoned. Sydney gas drilling company Apex Energy NL plans to ……/Coal_Seam_Gas__and__Sydney__not__Hunter_Valley/

Not that these web sites are very co-operative when you go to search such touchy subjects as drilling in your back yard.

The fact sheets to gas extraction link is giving me a 404 so I will leave the government web site ref. but you will have to copy to browser yourself. Not being lazy, just cautious. I have been given more than a second glance, problem of my courious mind & desire to have clean environment for my children & grandchildren and future generations.

Methane explosions & the gas itself, inhaled has killed many a coal miner. Matron Gillard tells us she is giving another tax to the Australian People, Carbon Tax, or yet another rise to the fuel & electricity we use.. No sign of herself & buddies reducing their Salaries.

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5 Responses to Gas Extraction by Fracking

  1. pamea says:

    The amount of waste coming out of Sydney, they could make their own methane factory,
    then use the residue as compost for farms & gardens. No need to be drilling into the earth any more than necessary. They do not know the short term damage, let alone how much harm is done to the sub terrianian parts, & how much it reflects on the volcano & earthquake happenings. Just a thought!

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    Thank you for your exellent investivigative information to all of us 🙂

  3. Pamea says:

    Thanks Pete, I spent at least two hours on the research taking in a few different sites. front page 25-01-2011 ”BROKEN PROMISES”
    Re Promised — legislation on Strategic Cropping Land Policy, early this year,
    Bandanna Energy is ”marching merrily along!”

    Meanwhile the other Biggest Liar in Australia, Ms Anna Bligh is posing for glamor pictures for Womens Weekly. I have made it easier for myself & made Ninemsn Australia, my home page… they just offered…

    How come foreign companies can come in and rape our land of resorces
    or if you prefer:
    Shows their true colors..Alan Jones, does not mince words!
    ONE END OF AUSTRALIA TO THE OTHER.. for export … nottt

  4. pamea says:

    More fracking fricking gas men in town this morning.. walked straight past them
    having a big conference on roadside…
    See previous entry:
    I should be better organized.. Have already found comments on web re my disorganized muddled presentation.. OK… I don’t go around fracking the ground beneath you..

  5. pamea says:

    HomeNews and Public Notices

    QGC’s Response to Four Corners

    The ABC’s Four Corners current affairs program recently looked at the coal seam gas industry, focusing on QGC’s operations in the Surat Basin.

    You can view the program on the Four Corners website by clicking here:

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