Share with Friends, toss it over Fence

I got a good laugh with this one..  While the Media focus is on Egypt and it’s Street Brawls, Mexico Shares a little weed with US of A..   Nothing like keeping you mellow & happy..

Another view of Sharing … If you won’t let me buy some, or grow my own.. I’ll just help myself … lots of the stuff in Sheds All over America…  Happy, Happy…

Wondering why they have such Big Homes?  How do they pay the Rates & Taxes…  Supplement, My Dears…

Did I mention,  I got a visitor 3 days ago… sitting I my bedroom watching t/v  or was I reading the news … after getting internet back on this week, after a fortnight of none..  He calls out from my back door,  looking for the neighbour who lives up the street, just across the rail track..

=== He state his name,  shook my hand and we chatted about the Floods..  He claimed he lived at Baralabah for some years with his wife… on the land.. like he had a few acres…  But Main roads were making it difficult.. so he decides to sell his block to them.   Why do I doubt his story.   Why did I look up that name in the white pages, and find just a Mobile Phone No..   no business number..

My Shadows, or Stalkers or just Minders … call them what you like,  these Snoops – they cannot catch up with me in a seniors meeting, or a public place having a meal,  nor whilst travelling as I have not been anywhere or not by bus or train…   Fishing, he was,   asking about Donga, block of land filled with relocatables for mine workers,  aged persons… anyone they wish to re locate..

An after thought ~~

Coming into my Boundry Rd gate, my uninvited visitor may have had more interest in my shade-house where I keep an assortment of Herbs, Vegetables & young trees… He may have noticed the back door open, but the fly screen locked.  I have had visitors before, re my front window open.. around November last.   Football season, when there was a big match at the local grounds, evenings… next morning it was not unusual for me to find my hens let out..  These things happened when I was much younger, in my 30’s,  so I blamed my children… lol **

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Interests in World Affairs Hobbies: Crochet, Gardening, Doing Crosswords entering competitions in That's Life, Take 5 etc. Blogging in wordpress.
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