Social Science Mad

All examples are used for Study Purposes Only..

My Conclusion is the Daily Mail of UK is irresponsible in publishing their nonsense in the first place..  They are reporting the findings of a bunch of Rat Bags..  Which can tar the lot as just as mad, if one does not look any further..

Boring.. using for example..

The extent of Students & other ‘Social Scientists’  doing Surveys – difficult to gage the number


the following an extract from wiki pedia

Social research organisations

A further internet sociological research organisation- the Social Science Research Network -should be included in this list. SSRN is available as an electronic library and holds academic publications available to download..subject to academic status.The social science research network has this website address Angela Carol McMahon is registered as an author Oxford University 1982 on are no conflicting interests)

It is the Social Workers trained by top Professors & above in Social Science that have come up with the  ” no spank by parents,”  leave it to Us, the EX  Spurts.. Thus the Monsters they have created


Can a hospital send you to a psychiatric hospital against your will if its only for their liability issues.

My wife was admitted to a hospital for low potassium because of an eating disorder she is battling. The hospital kept her there until her potassium level was stable. When my wife said she wanted to go home, the hospital put my wife on medical hold and sent her to a psychiatric hospital against her will. The hospital is stating that she could no longer stay at the hospital because she was healthy enough to be released but may be liable if she is released because the main cause of her admittance was not addressed. So they sent her against her will to their psychiatric hospital because of liability reasons not because she is a danger to herself. By the way the hospital’s Psychiatric Dr. Is who told us their reasons for their medical hold.

ONE comment says it all..  ”, Unless you are under arrest no one has the right to hold you against your will. I was on a phsyciatric hold at the hospital tonight, I called the police and ask them if the hospital could hold me against my will and they told me NO, And if I wanted to leave It was a Dr. issue not a police issue. I left. I will NOT be kidnapped! And I will NEVER go see a quack again under any circumstance! It’s all about the money!”


I have added this – but does not answer my question

can a doctor admit me to a mental institution for disagreeing with him/her

Do they want us Dead,  when we are no longer Poofiting the System

See the web site.. too many references to quote here..

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