Euthanasia a Royal Solution

”The Royal Family and panicky City of London financiers began implementing, in 2008, a new program to kill elderly and other sick people, precisely repeating the opening phase of Hitler’s 1939 T-4 euthanasia program. Under the Liverpool Care Pathway adopted for general use by the National Health Service, those showing symptoms that might foreshadow death are targeted to be killed by heavy narcotics and the withdrawal of fluids and nutrition. The new policy reportedly accounted for about one sixth of all deaths in Britain last year, according to a study by Dr. Clive Seale, of the prestigious Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.”

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Interests in World Affairs Hobbies: Crochet, Gardening, Doing Crosswords entering competitions in That's Life, Take 5 etc. Blogging in wordpress.
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4 Responses to Euthanasia a Royal Solution

  1. Bluff it Amy says:

    Present date > heir to British throne sends his sympathy to flooded Brisbane, Qld. THE CITY HAD PLENTYWARNING flooding was inevitable. Yet many caught out loosing their belongings. & some their lives. Is this modern eugenics via neglect.

  2. Pamea says:

    More money to be spent asking why Qld flooded. Warnings late, loss of so many lives. X loss of my internet connection ~unexplainable. . Just what happened to freedom of speech? I say my ac. ‘b4 due date.

  3. Bluff it Amy says:

    Hardly worth trying to connect to internet. Storms, storms & showers. NWO owns the very Cloud that rains from above. The very gas that killed Pike River miners being extracted from land near you. . Be careful in what you speak, write & do. With clever questioning the know what yen are thinking. Ask the Muse.

  4. Pamea says:

    After a fortnight of just small window using mobile net, becoming irritated at having to PAY full price for less than half the service. My photography business is only a hobby at present has little chance in growing, can’t even sub. My costs, let alone break even. Annoyed, putting it lightly.

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