Return to my Usual Abode

Unlike in this picture in July at the Beach at Yeppoon on the coast of Central QueenslandI went to the country  north of Emerald Qld..  for Christmas with My Daughter, Husband  & their  young  family.. A wet Christmas but an enjoyable one..

We returned today, my third son and I to our respective homes..   We called into Emerald briefly to purchase a few supplies for our larder..  Me, some vegetables, cheese & dry biscuits, in preference to bread.

I had no working mobile camera on me, or my olympus camera, tucked in my knapsack in the back of the Ute.  He was watching me from the moment I walked toward the store,  With his dark eyes following me,  his body streaking around another isle,  he waited & pretended to look at the cold hams & bacon whilst observing me & my purchases… He was no worker, no name, shirt cuffs undone… strolling too casual about.   When I went out of the store after paying for my goods,  he strode out, then waited at the front of the store, as if waiting for a lift.  He reminded me of an African, one of unknown origin, that with his look alike friend came to my fence line & begged for money, saying it was for poor Africans….  Of course I declined,  did not call police or report to any authority of these unlicensed beggars..   If they were Licensed they would have some ID and some receipts for the cash they expected of the Citizens of this town..

The cost of living is quiet high in Emerald, Rents of 3 bedroom home between 4 & 8 hundred dollars per week. Luxury homes can be a 1000 per week. A single chap could have the choice of on farm accommodation if he is employed on that farm or near by farms when the farmer has the room for more persons. River is too high in flood for the usual squatters on the river bank or hidden in the park..

Me and the little lass some years ago when she was born. I was working in the citrus fields thinning the fruit.. very active work.. and quiet fit compared to the top picture. This is a scan of a snap shot unlike the two previous digital shots.

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Interests in World Affairs Hobbies: Crochet, Gardening, Doing Crosswords entering competitions in That's Life, Take 5 etc. Blogging in wordpress.
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