Royal Security Blunder or Deliberate

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Some Comments from viewers:

  • Georgiahulse –There they are, performing their royal duties…entertaining themselves while the future people and poltics of this country are in turmoil. 
  • bobalobs1–The police state a number of people behaved badly. They further state that there will be an indepth investigation. They didn’t Do much when the thieving politicians, who enjoyed their free degrees, robbed the country blind through expenses.

    Our politicians have been proven to be corrupt, but were not prosecuted, our police will pursue a 19 year old student, but turn a blind eye to anyone in parliament breaking the law. Our police are a waste of time good for giving out speeding tickets”  end of quote 

  • Claimsthat the Royals are self sufficient, no cost to the public purse.. Hmmbug!  The cost of protecting them via their own security – who pays?  Then there is the police that had to prise away very angry young men & women who have had the rug pulled from under them… confronted with pleasure seeking aging crones still living off public purse, so it appears….

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    1. idaprince43 says:

      Xmas Parade,t=1,mt=videoTallie | Myspace Video


      Donella Meadows, a famous systems thinker, pointed out that:

      …the new world trade system was explained to me. It is a system with rules designed by corporations, run by corporations, for the benefit of corporations. Its rules exclude almost any feedback from any other sector of society. Most of its meetings are closed even to the press (no information flow, no feedback). It forces nations into positive loops “racing to the bottom,” competing with each other to weaken environmental and social safeguards in order to attract investment and trade. It’s a recipe for unleashing “success to the successful” loops, until they generate enormous accumulations of power and huge centralized planning systems that will destroy themselves…

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