Internet Freedoms & Protesting turns Against the Small Blogger

This was back in September 1998 the year I left the fruit picking/packing farm in July to head for the City of Rockhampton as I had enrolled in a course with ”Disabilities Services” branch of Mental Health/Queensland Health.  The fortnight course covered a lot of Psychology,  re enactments of sinarios  & general down dumbing of normal healthy persons.   My failure to obtain work in this field did not stop the ‘psychologists,’  police trainers & dumb actors from university & the street as they came out to the grazing property that I got some Domestic work for the following fortnight.  The photo was taken at the Wilpeena Races, an annual event the owners run with the Racing Club of Rockhampton & the fund raising department of Disabilities Services Privately run..  I cannot recall their name..

In the coming year there will be a meeting held in July at the Town Show Grounds..

Dingo Charity Race Day

July 9, 2011  |  Views: 891

The Dingo charity race day is held at the Dingo Racecourse. The day will include a five race program. Gates open at 11.00 a.m. Live bands will be playing all day and late into the night. Drinks, food and full bar facilities are available so please, no eskys.                            The day will finish with the annual World Dingo trap throwing with male and female sections. Free overnight camping is available with a gold coin donation breakfast the next day. Entry proceeds go the the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter and the Heart Foundation.

The promised subject on Freedoms in the Internet..

I have already experienced sites that do not show.. in this country… you tube that is not shown… in this country because they are on a touchy subject, namely the  troops called in  up to 3000 to keep the said law and order in the mighty US of A..  Cannot show Australians all of that… they may get the wrong view of US.


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