Mutterings from Mutter

My visitors came Tuesday, arriving at 20.00 hours or 8pm after the long drive around ~ from Middlemount then west to Capella, south to Emerald if that was open, otherwise to Rubyvale, Sapphire, then turn East at the Cross Roads and back to Emerald, & a quick shop at Big Mc for burgers, fresh meat at Woolworths ( cuts I don’t see at the smaller Blackwater Store!)    Comet (where the flooding was still holding up traffic with half the bridge closed.)  On to Blackwater then here to Bluff..

Trucks they say are held up at Emerald  around 40 at the one SurvO  where there is parking space for that many or maybe more if the space is needed.. They,  son Tezza & his son Cody came for the drive to get the young chap’s hours up for his potential ‘driver’s license ~ hopefully by the time his work starts. Dad is looking forward to the day the Lad becomes independent.  Life is tough when you leave school at 15 & only mum &  4 younger siblings ~ no spare cash then..   They left after breakfast next morning ~ grand ma had a shot at coooking the meat & forgot the eggs – home grown here on this 1/2 acre block.

I have just had a Dorrie at the neighbor on Corner getting a Radio-Rentals Washing Machine Delivered.  I do believe they are operating out of Blackwater these days.  Hot stifling muggy & none of that rain forecast via ‘She who must be obeyed,’  rang & told the boys they must return before the roads are cut again..

Just so beautiful.. had to include here..

Now the reason for the ‘Truck’  Picture was a lament to life with less cars & trucks that would mean less coal needed to fire the kilns to make the steel to build more cars & trucks. If more food were produced locally to where it is consumed,  if cities were not cities but small communes thus you have my vision of Utopia & not that of ‘slave class’ & ‘reject class’ with extravagant homes one end & slums the other… something in between. Where ‘greed’ is just a word from the past way of life, where thoughtful compassion reign..

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Interests in World Affairs Hobbies: Crochet, Gardening, Doing Crosswords entering competitions in That's Life, Take 5 etc. Blogging in wordpress.
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